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The Most Epic Wellness Weekend Ever!

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Welcome to a celebration of life

Welcome to The Most Epic Wellness WEEKEND Ever!

Why is it the most epic wellness weekend ever?

Because we carefully combine some of the best ways of feeling fabulous into one fantastic weekend with the goal for you to enter deep states of joy and peace through:
  • Live Music
  • Meditation
  • Movement practices
  • Breathwork
  • Ecstatic dance
  • Sauna
  • Cold plunges
  • Human connection
  • Nature
  • And fantastic food
All in a luxury venue together with 25 people. Do you also think this is epic?

Next weekend Friday the 10th of March 16.00 until Sunday the 12th of March 16:00 we invite you to join our ceremony of life to experience the most unique and energizing wellness event ever at Björnbacka Retreat Center. Only thirty minutes drive from Stockholm.

At 16:00, the doors to Björnbacka open, and you enter the door that leads you to find your spot under the colorful ceiling.

Shortly after, you hear live Persian Sufi music and feel the energy of the collective gathering setting in as the journey begins.

Rumi poetry lands gently in your ear and sparks something from the beyond.

Simple yet powerful movements bring you into your body and presence.

Guided by gentle and deep breaths (breathwork), you become light as a feather, and by ending in silent meditation, you reach unchartered territories in your mind, all guided with the dreamy sounds of Nasiri.

At the end of the evening, the arena transforms into your ecstatic dance floor, resonating to live Persian instruments mixed with deep electronic beats.

This is only the first day you think while falling into sweet slumber.

You awaken the next morning well rested for the movement practice and connection within through breathwork underlined with heavenly tunes.

The smell of breakfast makes your mouth watery and you relax afterwards with others by playing authentic relating games.

Fire ceremonies in the sauna await you with essential oils filling your nostrils making you sweat and relax to the German Aufguss. The option for a cold plunge excites you and brings fresh life into your veins as you cool yourself in the cold basin.

Animal movement patterns lubricate your joints and make you smooth and elegant.

Walks in the forest with likeminded people and deep conversations set your heart on fire as you prepare for the ceremonial dinner and ecstatic dance!

One more day to go. You wonder what will happen on Sunday!?

Thank you for joining this celebration!

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Price: Early Bird 5555 Kr (ending Tuesday 7th of March 18:00)
Last minute: 6666 Kr
Date and Time: Friday 10th of March 16:00 - Sunday 12th of March 16:00
Location: Björnbacka Retreat Center
Ensta 5, 147 91 Grödinge

-Comfortable clothes for both moving/sweating and staying warm
-Swim wear
-Bath robe
-Flippers or water shoes
-Water bottle
-Clothes you enjoy

This event is presented to you by;

Daniel Müller-Gonzalez:
Breathwork facilitator for over 25.000 people and countless workshops, bringing his clients into a deeper connection with themselves. Daniel has a vast experience with the world of wellness, he has trained over 50 breath guides as breathwork coaches and facilitators and he coached and trained hundreds of people in cultivating their body, mind, and spirit as a unit. He facilitated workshops, retreats, and training all over Scandinavia for clients and corporations, he also guided over 2.000 people successfully in a two-minute ice bath to overcome their fear of the cold.

You might know him as:
Breathwork facilitator and teacher
Wim Hof Method instructor Lvl 2
Co-founder of hale breathwork center
Founder of BMS Solutions (BodyMindSpirit)
‘The Ice And Breath’ training running at Sturebadet, Yasuragi and Björnbacka

A multi-instrumentalist & producer, most known for his style of playing the Middle Eastern & Persian Sufi music. He plays a wide variety of oriental instruments such as the oud, flute, clarinet, Persian strings & percussion + electronic beats live.
Nasiri´s goal has always been to share harmony and to inspire with the power of ancient musical knowledge and sound healing, his genuine sound, which always leaves you feeling something special, is well known.
“The dreamy soundscape of ethnic instruments like the oud, flute & clarinet, meets deep bass lines, drum machines & organic percussion” 
“The purpose is to enlighten the beauty that exists in the different cultures of the world and merge them with the world languages: Music, Dance & Harmony.”