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BMS Solutions creates events, workshops and trainings for you to connect to your body, mind and spirit. We see humans not as divided, but as a whole being needing all elements in order to truly thrive. We offer a unique combination of practices, techniques and principals designed to bring you into deeper harmony and balance with yourself and your surrounding. We blend movement, breath, ice, fire, water, sound, stillness, vibrations, connection, play, challenge, ceremony and ritual into an exciting way to interact with ourselves and the world around us. Equipping you with timeless tools for your journey through life.

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Courses and events for teams, companies and corporations

BMS Solutions knows how important mental, emotional and physical health is for everyone, but especially in the work environment. This is why we tailor our events to the teams needs and equip you with the tools and resources to perform on a high level as well as recover fast and efficient.

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